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Media Coverage
Tattooed with Mythology

Bold human and animal forms inscribed with a continuous, even calligraphy and Par paintings in intrepid tones form the essence of... more...
Indian Express, 3 March 1999

Netherlands-India Association

Golden jubilee celebration of Netherlands-India Association started with art exhibition of the works by Rameshwar ... more...
, 3 March 2001

Past Exhibition
Previous Exhibitions by Bhumika Takshak
Previous Exhibitions by Bhumika Takshak
Venue : Jaipur, Delhi & Mumbai
Artist : Bhumika Takshak
From : 01/01/2007 | To : 31/12/2008
Description :

Bhumika Takshak displayed her paintings at various solo and group shows at New Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai during last 3 years. Few of her paintings exhibited in the shows are displayed here.

Previous Exhibitions by Rameshwar Singh
Previous Exhibitions by Rameshwar Singh
Venue : Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur
Artist : Rameshwar Singh (1948-2014)
From : 01/01/2001 | To : 31/12/2008
Description :

Rameshwar Singh has conducted more than 60 solo shows of his paintings all over the country. Few of his paintings exhibited in the shows are displayed here.

Time, the Refreshing River
Time, the Refreshing River
Venue : Ahmedabad
Artist : Rameshwar Singh (1948-2014)
From : 01/09/2010 | To : 20/09/2010
Description :

Solo Show by Rameshwar Singh

at L&P Huthessing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad.

Once upon a time there was a Tiger (Romancing tales of Ranthambhor)
Venue : Sridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam
Artist : Rameshwar Singh (1948-2014)
From : 20/08/2011 | To : 29/08/2011
Description :

After his visit to Ranthambor, Rameshwar Singh had his 63rd solo show of paintings at Sridharani Art Gallary, New Delhi from 20/08/2011 to 29/08/2011. Obviously, the theam was tiger. He projected tigers in his paintings and dedicated the show to them.  

Ancient Romancing Tales of Foster Tigers
Ancient Romancing Tales of Foster Tigers
Venue : Jahangir Art Gallery 2012
Artist : Rameshwar Singh (1948-2014)
From : 04/09/2012 | To : 10/09/2012
Description :

Artist : Rameshwar Singh (1948-2014)
From : 05/01/2013 | To : 14/01/2013
Description : Triveni Kala Sangam, 205-Tansen Marg, New Delhi. 

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